Materials: granite, terrazzo
Size: 100 x 45 x h35 cm
Seen in:
Loft DE

Two monolithic legs in black granite support a terrazzo top.
Composed of elements both left by the previous tenant and designed using waste materials of the construction site, this bench has made a virtue of necessity.


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Washbasin cabinet

Materials: marble, lacquered ribbed wood
Size: 110 x 50 x h90 cm
Seen in:
Loft DE

Undermount washbasin cabinet defined by the contrast between the classicism of the natural stone top and the contemporaneity of the cocky-colored ribbed wooden doors.


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Material: ribbed wood
Size: 265 x 70 x h90/240 cm
Seen in: SNVT

This compact yet fully equipped kitchen is conceived as a stand-alone piece of furniture and can be extremely functional when minimal operating space is required.
Covered in ribbed wood, the worktop can be completely hidden thanks to a panel that becomes a comfortable support surface.


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Washbasin cabinet & mirror cabinet

Materials : lacquered wood, metal, marble, mirror
Washbasin cabinet size: 145 x 50 x h60 cm
Mirror cabinet size: 140 x 15 x h90 cm
Seen in:  Bow

This rounded-sided suspended washbasin cabinet is characterized by a natural stone top and a metal towel holder that follows its shape.
The composition is completed by a mirror cabinet, which takes up the circular shapes and includes fixed panels for the applications of wall lamps.
The combination of shapes, colors and materials gives both a pop and timeless touch where it is installed, integrating perfectly regardless of the overall look and feel of the bathroom.


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Storage unit

Material: medium-density fibreboard
Size: 365 x 30 x h125 cm
Seen in:  Loft DE

Storage unit made of natural medium-density fibreboard, whose surface texture contrasts nicely with the clean and minimal design.
The flap doors ensure good storage capacity, while the open parts can be used as a small bookcase to furnish the living area or bedroom.


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Washbasin cabinet & mirror

Materials: lacquered wood, mirror
Size: 140 x 40 x h190 cm
Seen in:  CSTB

Suspended lacquered cabinet with rounded corners and an integrated mirror, with three doors and a fixed panel on which wall lamps can be applied.
Rino is designed for both corner and free-standing solutions


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Washbasin cabinet

Materials: painted metal, lacquered wood, acrylic resin
Size: 90 x 45 x h90 cm
Seen in:  Bow

This graceful washbasin cabinet, whose metallic silhouette resembles a crane, is composed of a storage part closed by lacquered doors and a solid surface top with integrated washbasin.


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Vanity Table

Materials: lacquered wood, marble, mirror
Size: 120 x 90 x h200 cm
Seen in: Decamerone

Initially conceived as a site specific element for a dressing room of the Arcimboldi Theater in Milan, this double-sided vanity table can be adapted as an element leaning against a wall or remain freestanding as originally conceived.
The dialogue between lacquered wood, marble and mirror refers to the imagery linked to theater and performances.


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Material: marble
Size: 115 x 40 x h40 cm
Seen in: CDS

Realized for a home with an eclectic flavor, the Nadia washbasin has the task of integrating itself between classic and contemporary elements. Thus, a minimal and rigorous silhouette is accompanied by the timeless and classic beauty of the natural stone.


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Kitchen Island

Materials: metal, stone, natural wood, lacquered wood
Size: 75 x 240 x h90 cm
Seen in: TP3

Hernes is a kitchen island whose structural lightness is accompanied by the various materials of which it is composed.
Under the stone top, a metallic frame contains a first row of suspended wooden drawers and a second closed part that reaches the floor, made with colored lacquered doors


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Elle Uno
Washbasin Cabinet

Materials: lacquered wood
Size: 40 x 140 x h75 cm
Seen in: L4

Featuring monochromatic lacquered surfaces, this custom made bathroom cabinet offers ample storage capacity in a relatively small space, thanks to 3 push-pull doors, 2 drawers and an open shelf.


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Elle Due
Washbasin Cabinet

Materials: lacquered wood
Size: 45 x 100 x h42 cm
Seen in: L4

Suspended lacquered cabinet with rounded corners, with two drawers and a fixed panel on which a towel holder can be applied.


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Cement Tiles

Materials: cement, marble dust, inorganic pigments
Size: 20 x 20 x h2 cm

Designed for Mosaic Factory, the Puzzled Cement tiles draw inspiration from the world of vector hatches to create a pattern that resembles both a dash-dotted line and a befuddled emoji.


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Washbasin Cabinet

Materials: lacquered wood, laminate, painted metal
Size: 45 x 120 x h50 cm
Seen in: TP3

Consisting of a Fenix top that crowns a cabinet closed by three lacquered doors, Tippy is completed by a painted metal structure that frames it and which can be used to place towels or clothes before taking a shower.


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Bed Headboard

Materials: wood
Size: 20 x 224 x h120 cm
Seen in: Fitted Lines

Headboard particularly suitable for small bedrooms.
More capacious than it is at first sight, Emme has open shelves both next to the bed and on its side, as well as retractable doors on the top, which also acts as a comfortable support in case there's no space for the bedside tables.


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Washbasin Cabinet

Materials: marble, wood
Size: 40 x 200 x h70 cm
Seen in: All'Arco

Designed as a wall-to-wall cabinet, Suli is characterized by its slender proportions.
A thick stone top is combined with wooden doors and symmetrical open parts on the sides, used to store products and towels.


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