Turas Hotel

Location: Bosa, Italy
Year: 2015
Status: Ongoing

The Turas Hotel, located at a distance of 60 meters from the sea and overlooking it, dates back to the early 60s and is a historical reference of Sardinian tourism. After years of inactivity and poor maintenance, a new project has been set up, providing, due to the critical structural conditions, the renovation of the entire building. The project intends to increase, through human intervention, the value of the landscape as a palimpsest, result of subsequent land modifications, natural and otherwise.

This means that the project building, which is composed as a pure volume covered by a wooden solar shading systems, does not impose itself on the surrounding nature.

The project consists of 4 main elements: the retaining wall, the main volume, leaning on the wall element, the void of the ground floor, and finally the volume placed on the roof, containing the suites, in contrast to the main building full shape.