Private Office
280 sqm

Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2023
Status: Completed

Photography: Sara Magni


The renovation of Mind The Value’s offices in Milan, a company specializing in process optimization and information technology consulting, has brought about a remarkable transformation.

The company acquired these offices during the pandemic, posing a significant challenge. The spaces had remained unchanged since the 1970s, featuring a dated and rigid layout. The transformation was a means for the company to translate its values into action and create a modern and inspiring work environment. The client has requested a space that aligns with their dynamic, flexible, modern, and well-being oriented mindset, all while emphasizing environmental sustainability and a green approach.

A key element of the new design was the maximization of natural light. On one side, facing the street, a roomy workspace has been established, featuring a custom-designed workstation.
On the opposite side, a flexible lounge area has been constructed, designed for reconfiguration and partitioning using a system of curtains.
Velvet curtains evoke a sense of domestic. When the lounge area’s furniture is moved, the environment can transform into an auditorium, allowing it to accommodate larger meetings and events.
While the lateral areas were adorned with neutral materials to encourage concentration and relaxation, the central core embraced a vibrant chromatic and textural identity, inspired by Mind The Value’s corporate colors.
This choice of materials and colors not only contributed to creating a distinctive and captivating environment but also served as a response to the client’s requirements, aligning the office design with the Mind The Value’s work style.