PV Apartment
Private Residence
110 sqm

Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2022
Status: Ongoing

Located in one of the most iconic neighborhoods of the city, this apartment fully reflects the style of Milan in the early twentieth century, showing off high ceilings, molded frames for doors and windows, geometric patterned cement tiles and ceiling decorations.

A renovation project in such an important setting must necessarily start from the desire to respect as much as possible the pre-existing elements that have made a place so special.

The main area of ​​intervention for the definition of the new layout is located where the bathroom and kitchen once were, two rooms recently renovated by the previous tenants without too much aesthetic criteria.
In this way, the oldest rooms have been preserved as much as possible, with some small wall changes to maximize the living area, creating perspectives that cross the apartment in its entirety.

The materials used in the new rooms were chosen to harmoniously match the existing decorative elements without overpowering them: large neutral surfaces and some marble details were used to recall the Milanese tradition.